Even as chaos prevailed on platform number nine at Chennai Central railway station soon after twin explosions rocked the Bangalore–Guwahati tri-weekly express on Thursday morning, many pieces of baggage had gone missing, passengers claimed.

However, no formal complaints were made, claimed the Government Railway Police (GRP) and Railway Protection Force (RPF).

Many passengers, mostly those travelling in the compartments not affected by the blasts, had left their luggage behind while they ventured to check what had happened. According to GRP sources, over 10 pieces of baggage were left unclaimed on the platform, long after the train finally left the station.

An anxious passenger was relieved that he had remembered to carry his purse with him. “I had gone to the S4 coach to see what had happened. I had kept a bag filled with old clothes for washing. When I returned, it was missing,” said L. Kishore Rao, who was travelling in an unreserved compartment.

However, the police had collected the luggage of most passengers travelling in the S4 and S5 coaches. “We placed them in the cordoned-off area. They were returned to the rightful owners after taking down their contact details,” said a GRP officer.

Some passengers also claimed to have lost pieces of jewellery. The police said persons with reports of lost valuables could contact the helpline on 044-25357398. “They have to contact the platform inspector and produce an identity proof, along with ticket if possible. If they do not have it, they can reveal the content of the bag as they lay their claim,” said a police officer.

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