Fed up with his mother’s addiction to alcohol, a 20-year-old youth strangulated her to death in Baichapura village near the international airport here on Saturday.

The accused, Venkatesh, who works as a store keeper in a private firm, took his mother to an isolated place where he hit her with a brick before strangling her to death after she fell unconscious.

He carried the body and dumped it in a farm in Baichapura.

The incident came to light when the owner of the farm, Venkataraju, informed the police, who rushed to the spot and conducted an investigation.

The police, who ascertained the identity of the woman, zeroed in on her son.

During enquiries, Venkatesh initially feigned ignorance but confessed to the crime when the police subjected him to detailed questioning.

Jayamma, (42), a labourer used to live with her husband, Lakshminarayanappa and Venkatesh after she got her daughter married off to a relative.


The police said that Jayamma, an alcoholic, used to get drunk everyday and create ruckus at home.

This caused Venkatesh embarrassment as neighbours started talking about it openly.

Venkatesh advised his mother against consuming alcohol and even shifted house but Jayamma continued with her habit.

He could not take it any longer and decided to get rid of her, the police added.

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