He marked the arrival of 2013 leading his supporters to a protest throwing light on the lack of public toilets

He mostly takes to the streets for the cause of Kannada. But, public toilets too figure high on his agenda.

Kannada protagonist Vatal Nagaraj, who grabs the eyeballs with his unique style of protests, has been among the few crusaders campaigning for public toilets.

Quite frequently he chooses to stage a protest in the city against the lack of public toilets.

While youngsters were busy partying to usher in the New Year, Mr. Vatal Nagaraj marked the arrival of 2013 by leading a group of supporters to the crowded Kempegowda Bus Stand to point out the loopholes in the sanitary system.

Mr. Vatal Nagaraj, who heads the Kannada Chaluvali Vatal Paksha, says that he will heave a sigh of relief only after the general public can relieve themselves in a dignified manner. He refuses to rest till everyone has access to a restroom. And his battle will continue till there are enough toilets in the State.

During one of his “unique” protests, he sought to highlight the difficulties people faced due to lack of public toilets by trying to relieve himself in front of the Raj Bhavan. But, his plans were foiled by the police who took him into custody. Though his campaign draws enough laughter, it is also the one that demands a very basic facility for the common man. Mr. Vatal Nagaraj said, “The Ministers, politicians and the Chief Minister have no problem in accessing toilets. It is the common man who is the most affected.”

He also goes on to demand that there is a need to have at least 15,000 public toilets in Bangalore. “Even national highways and state highways do not have enough toilets,” he says.