The inevitable is happening; vehicle users of Bellary Road, including those headed to the airport, will have to pay the toll from Friday midnight.

The Navayuga Devanahalli Tollway Pvt., Ltd., which is authorised by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to collect toll, has said toll collection will commence from the midnight of February 10.

The fees

While two-wheelers, three-wheelers and tractors are exempt, the fee for cars, jeeps and light motor vehicles is Rs. 20 and Rs. 25 (single journey and return trip within 24 hours); light commercial/ goods vehicles, mini buses Rs. 30 and Rs. 45; bus/ trucks Rs. 60 and Rs. 90; HCM/EME/MAV (three to six axles) Rs. 95 and Rs. 145 and oversized vehicles Rs. 115 and Rs. 175.

Toll Plaza No. 1 with eight lanes will be located near Sadahalli; Toll Plaza No. 2 with seven lanes will be located beneath the airport trumpet junction and Toll Plaza No. 3 with one lane will be located a little away.

Vehicles bound from Bangalore towards airport will have to use Toll Plaza No. 1 and they need to pay the toll only during the return journey.

Navayuga said the toll fee is valid from February 10 to March 31 and it will be revised on April 1.

Monthly pass for non-commercial use of the highway and crossing the toll plaza will be issued to residents livign within a 20-km radius of the plaza at Rs. 190 per month.

NHAI had said that one of the eight toll lanes towards the airport will allow cashless payment. Vehicles using this lane should get a prepaid onboard unit fixed to the windscreen.