Couple in hospital after fight over breakup gets out of hand

As far as lovers’ quarrel went, this one was over the top: a young woman and her boyfriend found themselves in hospital after a fight over their breakup got out of hand.

Both Rashmi (20) and Shashidhar (25) were admitted to St. John’s Hospital with multiple stab injuries on the stomach, neck and other parts of the body on Saturday.

The Koramangala police said Rashmi was working as part of the housekeeping staff in the quarters of a senior nurse of the hospital and lived in the same quarters. A native of Chikmagalur, she was involved with Shashidhar, who worked for a call centre here and who was from her hometown.

However, the romance seemed to have waned and Rashmi was avoiding him. Frustrated over this, Shashidhar went to her quarters on Saturday and the two had an argument over her not taking his calls. Rashmi then told him that she wanted to break up with him.

The two argued over this and matters took an ugly turn when Shashidhar whipped out a knife. Immediately Rashmi also picked up a kitchen knife and threatened him. Enraged by this, he stabbed her and she also gave as good as she got.

Soon both started screaming, which brought her colleagues rushing in. They then shifted both to St. John’s Hospital. The hospital then called the police.

The couple’s injuries are not life-threatening.

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