There are grilled sandwich places and then there is Tango Sandwich Corner on Siddaiah Puranik Road. With 107 varieties of sandwich, this place deserves to be in the record books for more than one reason. Ashish Khazani, the proprietor, is often asked which among the 107 sandwiches is best; “Whichever one sounds good to you,” he replies with a smile.

Besides the usual vegetables used in sandwiches, this place offers an array of combinations incorporating toppings such as cheese, mayonnaise, mushrooms, babycorn, and a variety of tropical fruits.

The ‘chocolate sandwich’ category is the most unique, with combinations such as cheese and chocolate that sound outlandish, but is worth a try.

The most challenging, however, is the ‘jumbo veg sandwich’, an assembly of vegetables along with mushrooms, babycorn, sweet corn, paneer and cheese topped off with butter; the challenge lies is finishing it at one go.

If the variety in sandwiches is not enough, customers can choose from 75 beverages that include fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, ice-cream shakes and mocktails.

The proprietor insists on introducing new varieties into the menu at the beginning of every year, many of which are suggestions by customers.

Customers here are given a free hand to mix and match the ingredients in the sandwiches and beverages, so long as they are the ones sampling them.

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