“The syllabus appears to be the same as what I studied when I was a student several years ago. The only change is that there is a new set of students studying it.” This caustic remark from R. Karunamoorthy, a member of Bangalore University’s Academic Council, was enough to usher in a major change in the way the varsity’s syllabus will be framed next year.

Keeping in mind the lack of practical knowledge and industry expectations in its present syllabus, the varsity has decided to let the industry have a direct say in what students should study.

The council gave its assent to include a member of the industry/corporate world in the Board of Studies of the various departments. This, the members said, would ensure that the curriculum would be contemporary.


Another lacuna that the council sought to tackle ahead of the beginning of a new academic year is to ensure regular revision of syllabus.

Noting complaints that not all departments were sticking to the three-year revision cycle, Vice-Chancellor B. Thimme Gowda agreed with the suggeston of Ramachandra Gowda, MLC, that a time frame should be drawn up for the faculties for syllabus revision.

The issue of enhancing the intake of research scholars under each guide in recognised research centres was also discussed. After much debate, it was decided that permission to take six candidates can be given “pending modifications to the Ph.D. ordinance”.


On applying for re-accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council this year, the VC said the Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) committee would submit its report in two months. If the AAA committee exposes cracks, subject-experts would be deployed to look for solutions, the VC said.


Rs. 273-crore budget for BU this yearMarch 22, 2013