Rajeshwari B.G. (24), who died in Victoria Hospital in the early hours of Thursday, knew she was being given the wrong type when she noticed the label on the blood sachet on June 29 at K.C. General Hospital.

But her protestations apparently didn’t impress the nurse administering the B+ blood to an O+ patient.

Her distraught family rushed her to St. John’s Hospital, where she had undergone transfusions earlier, later to Srinivasa Hospital (near Upparpet) before shifting her to Victoria Hospital where she died early on Thursday.

Holding lab technician Bhagyalakshmi responsible for the tragedy, Rajeshwari’s older sister Jayalakshmi said: “The doctor instructed the medical attendants to carry out the transfusion. But it was Bhagyalakshmi who mixed up the group.” The hospital even attempted to remove the label on the blood sachet to cover up the negligence, she alleged.

The family’s travails did not end here. According to Ms. Jayalakshmi, the medical staff tried to convince them Rajeshwari’s blood type was indeed B+. “In fact, records of the April 24 transfusion at K.C. General itself show her blood type as O+.”

Amid all this, the family reportedly got a Rs. 50,000 offer from Ms. Bhagyalakshmi not to press charges.

The grieving mother, Subhadramma, said the family filed the police complaint to ensure such mistakes were not committed again.

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