In a role reversal of sorts, principals and teachers were learners at the interactive “Principals’ Meet” organised to commemorate the third anniversary of The Hindu in Schools (THIS) in Bangalore, here on Wednesday.

The principals listened with rapt attention to Thimappa Hegde, Director and Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon at Narayana Institute of Neuro Sciences, as he narrated interesting anecdotes from his medical practice in his key-note address.

He called upon teachers and principals to take risks to excel in their field. “It takes a motivated teacher and principal to change a classroom or a school. There is a need to look for sources of inspiration,” he told them.

To a question on how teachers and mentors could help students who were stressed out with examination and academic pressure, Dr Hegde said, “Doing things with speed is fine but not in a hurry. There is a need to go slow so that it would reduce pressure.”

The principals and mentors’ enthusiasm was no less compared to the students, as they asked a range of questions on how they could help students reduce stress levels, what could be the possible reasons for confusion among students, and sought clarity on the physiological aspects of the brain.

Responding to the volley of questions, Dr. Hegde urged teachers and principals to indulge in therapeutic activities so that they could relax. “A child will be able to emote and express better in the presence of a good teacher,” he said.

To another interesting question on the reasons for confusion, he remarked: “Only intelligent people can be confused.” He said that a teacher was one who had gone through confusion and had gained clarity. “Teachers can guide a person from confusion to clarity,” he said.

R. Srinivasan, Regional General Manager - Circulation, The Hindu, said that THIS, an eight-page broadsheet was supplied to over 2,500 schools across the country five days a week. He said that the paper was tailor-made for students and aimed at keeping them abreast of current affairs. Besides, THIS also conducts various contests and activities for students, he added.

The premium sponsor was Dell India Pvt Ltd and associate sponsor for the event was Canon India Pvt Ltd.

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