‘Raghupati Raghava…’

It is not often that the sitting MLA joins citizens for a protest against the official machinery. On Thursday, Hebbal MLA R. Jagadeesh Kumar led a protest of residents of Sanjaynagar, Bhoopasandra and surrounding areas, demanding adequate water supply. While the residents were all squatting on the road carrying empty pots, the MLA was given the pride of place in the middle and was seated on a chair. As if to underline that it was a peaceful protest, the MLA held a framed picture of Mahatma Gandhi and urged the protesters to sing “Raghupati Raghava…” along with him. Never mind that the song was sung completely off-key with several new words thrown in for good measure.

- Chitra V. Ramani

BBMP’s real AAP brigade

Political party leaders trooping into the BBMP office to file nominations always meant additional work for the pourakarmikas there. Party workers invariably burst crackers, adding to the mess of constantly falling leaves. The pourakarmikas, who have been directed to keep the headquarters of the civic office spic-and-span, rushed to clean up the mess as soon as the party workers left. They worked with the efficiency of robots, with two brooms each, cleaning the premises in minutes. An impressed passerby commented that the workers of the Aam Aadmi Party, whose symbol is a broom, could learn a lesson or two from these real broom-wielders.

- Bhagya Prakash K.

Those who completed it

First day, first show of any film these days means mikes of television channels being thrust before people walking out of the theatres to ask for instant reviews. The quick reactions range from “good” or “super” to “Surely 100 days!” The reporter waiting with a mike outside the theatre where experimental film Ulidavaru Kandanthe (which literally translates to “As those who remained saw it”), loosely based on the technique of “Roshoman”, was in for a surprise. A sleepy looking viewer, on being stopped by a person with a mike, said: “Eddavaru Kandanthe” (“As those who were awake saw it.”). He explained to the perplexed reporter that he had fallen asleep through the movie and that he should ask those who were awake.

- Muralidhara Khajane

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