Dual exhibitions to create awareness about organic products

With more and more Indians consumers willing to buy organic products, even at relatively higher prices, the Ministry of Agriculture, in collaboration with the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry and NuernbergMesse GmbH, will be holding two exhibitions on organic products in Bangalore to promote this growing market.

The fourth editions of BioFach India and India Organic 2012 will be held from November 29 to December 1.

India offers around 90 different groups of organic products. The spectrum ranges from tea, coffee, herbs, spices, rice, pulses, fruit and vegetables to organic cotton and processed natural textiles. A recent survey conducted in 10 cities revealed that 30 per cent Indian consumers are prepared to pay 10 to 20 per cent more for organic products.

In the dual exhibitions, German organic firms will present their products to the professional Indian audience in the pavilion sponsored by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection.

The Indian organic market sales are expected to grow to the equivalent of $690 million this year. This is almost four times the total market volume of $180 million in 2010. With farms converting to organic agriculture at an increasing rate, the total area under organic farming will reach two million hectares this year, which is 1.5 per cent of the total farming area.

Frank Venjakob, director of International Exhibitions, NuernbergMesse GmbH, said everybody has a different motivation to buy different products; all that needs to be done is to create awareness among the masses about the usefulness of these products. In India, Morarka Organic Foods Pvt. Ltd and Sresta Natural Bioproducts are among the companies operating as exporter, caterer and producer of organic food and textiles besides their retail trade activities.


Promoting earthy livingSeptember 27, 2012

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