We're only implementing the Supreme Court ruling: Auradkar

Apart from keeping close watch on the dance bars and discotheques, the city police have also trained their guns on the pubs, lounge bars and clubs that play loud music after 10 p.m.

Patrol vehicles and night beat policemen have been instructed to keep an “ear” on the loud music and immediately inform the control room.

Justifying the curbs on playing loud music, City Police Commissioner Raghavendra H. Auradkar said the police were only implementing the Supreme Court ruling that banned loud music in open spaces after 10 p.m. “We have already sent notices to many bars warning them against playing music after 10 p.m., and have asked the jurisdictional police to take strict action if anyone is found violating the rule,” he said.

Though many objected to the new rule, Mr. Auradhkar said that the implementation of the rule had been initiated based on a complaints to the control room. Hundreds of complaints are being made by people, especially senior citizens and women, against blaring music that is disturbing the neighbourhood.

“You can play music in your house or at work place, but this should not disturb the neighbours,” he said. Maintaining law and order was the prime focus of the police and they ensured that no one created nuisance in public, he said.

Keep it down at home

“Anyone playing music inside his or her house will be booked if the neighbours file a complaint. Technically speaking, be it a pub, bar, restaurant or a house, indoor music should not exceed the prescribed decibels,” Mr. Auradkar said.

Meanwhile, a few pub owners said they had a meeting with the Police Commissioner, who assured them that establishments that played music within prescribed decibel levels would not be affected.

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