German President Joachim Gauck on Saturday urged youngsters to retain a keen sense of curiosity by learning new languages which would in turn help open new horizons for them.

‘Remain curious’

Participating in an interactive session held at the Kendriya Vidyalaya MEG and Centre here on Saturday, Mr. Gauck said, “One who remains curious has more fun learning new things. And to those who learn more things, more doors will open up thereby extending their frontiers of knowledge. While your teachers can open these doors for you, it is up to you to pass through them.”

Fruitful interaction

The President interacted in German with 15 students. The selected students from MEG and Centre, Malleswaram and Hebbal posed a range of questions in German to the President on his hobbies, weather, Indian cuisine and what he likes about India.

“Some of you have decided to learn German, the language of my home country. Our language is beautiful, but not always easy,” Mr. Gauck said.

Offers encouragement

He encouraged students by stating that many already spoke several languages and exhorted them to keep their curiosity burning.

“By learning a language, one can also learn a lot about a particular country. German products, like cars or sports articles, are famous. But what is it really about these products, what is it about the quality known as ‘Made in Germany?’”

“German scientists once learned Sanskrit, an important and beautiful language. The first English-Kannada dictionary was published by a German, Ferdinand Kittel. His memorial is still standing in Bangalore,” he said and spurred students by remarking that he hoped one day a memorial of one of them could be standing in Germany.

Job opportunities

Students participated enthusiastically and cited education, culture and job opportunities as reasons to learn German.

The President encouraged them to travel to Germany for their higher studies and said they could avail of good job opportunities there .

He was impressed with the students’ level of knowledge in the language while answering his questions.

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