Several weeks after the staff of Bangalore Electricity Supply Company repaired a faulty cable on Palmgrove Road in Victoria Layout, residents have had to put up with the inconvenience caused by a pile of mud dumped on the middle of the road.

The road that was dug up for repairing the faulty cable by Bescom staff was never restored. It was in the month of October that roughly 15-metre wide, 15-foot deep trench was dug up on the road. Once the work was completed, the trench was filled with the mud. The mud mound on the road has been causing a lot of inconvenience for commuters and locals. Especially in the night, it poses a serious danger as the road is poorly lit.

For instance, last week after it rained a car passing by rammed an electric pole after the driver lost control of the vehicle on the muddy slippery road because of mounds of mud lying around. Advocate K.S. Ponnappa, a resident said: “The public pays taxes expecting good roads. Though I have complained several times to the authorities concerned, no action has been taken.”

Noor Delvi, whose office is located on the same road, added: “Though the authorities concerned have promised to lay a concrete road once the weather improves, there are still chances of accidents occurring on the stretch till it is restored.”

Bescom officials, on the other hand, blamed the weather for the delay in restoring the road. An official said: “When the concrete road is laid, it needs at least three or four days to dry. But as it is raining, if the concrete road is laid, things will worsen further. Hence, laying of the concrete road in this weather is not advisable.”

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