Parents of affected children and the Dalit Samrajya Sthapana Samithi demanded a detailed probe by senior officials

The former Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council Motamma on Tuesday refused to accept the reply given by Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri in the Legislative Council on the issue of cutting tufts of hair of some children in Oxford English School in Bangalore and urged him against defending the school.

Responding to the issue raised during the zero hour by Congress members, Ms. Motamma, Mahantesh S. Koujalgi and R.V. Venkatesh, the Minister, in his written reply, said that the Director of Primary Education had visited the institution and his final report was being awaited.

Probe demanded

He was convinced prima facie that the institution had no role in cutting the locks of hair of some children.

However, parents of affected children and the Dalit Samrajya Sthapana Samithi demanded a detailed probe by senior officials, Mr. Kageri added.

The government was committed to protecting the interests of children under Right To Education (RTE) Act and whoever contravenes its provisions will face disciplinary action under the services rules.

A high-level advisory committee would be constituted to address the obstacles in implementing the Act, he said.

Circular issued

The Department Public Instruction has instructed Deputy Directors of Public Instruction and Block Education Officers to take action against schools allegedly discriminating against children admitted under Right to Education Act quota for underprivileged sections.

According to a circular issued on Tuesday, this instruction comes in the light of reported cases of children admitted under RTE quota being discriminated against in some schools.

“Officers have to investigate and take immediate action against schools if such incidents come to light,” says the circular.

Officials have been instructed to send circulars to all schools.