A group of young IT professional gathered at a mall in the city on Friday evening, but this time with a different intention. These IT professionals conducted a flash mob in the mall to raise awareness about the need to vote. The flash mob which grabbed a lot of eye balls was applauded and cheered by the audience. The group, who met on social networking platforms, have come under the banner of Flash IT to raise awareness about voting.

Zena Goveas, a software engineer said, “We have been discussing various problems including lack of adequate infrastructure and the traffic problem in the city. This year we have decided that for effective governance there is a need to pick the right candidate. Therefore, we decided to urge people to vote,” she said. Another IT professional, Avin Goel (23), said he was indifferent to politics until a few months ago when his colleagues urged him to vote. “We have always said bad things about politics and the political system. But this April 17, I have decided to vote and do my duty,” he said.

Gururaj P.S. who has been mobilising people for the campaign said, “People normally complain that IT professionals do not vote. This time we want to bust that myth and ensure that more IT professionals and youngsters turn up at the poll booth.”

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