Health clubs luring customers by offering hefty discounts during New Year

“Next year, I will lose at least 5 kg by working out at the gymnasium every alternate day.” This is the promise many in the city are making to themselves, as joining a health club is fast becoming the favourite ‘New Year resolution’.

With health getting priority among resolutions, ‘kicking the butt’ or bringing down the ‘spirit’ is passé. ‘Lifting weights’ and ‘running on the treadmill’ are the ‘in’ things now.

It only seems rational. After a long period of partying, feasting and binging during Christmas and New Year celibrations, several Bangaloreans are all set to make lifestyle modifications to get fitter.

Meanwhile, fitness experts are making merry, and are even luring more customers by offering hefty discounts on membership fee.

Arif Sheikh, owner of a fitness centre in Sadashivnagar, said his gym offers a 25 per cent discount on membership every New Year. “During this time, we see a 10 per cent to 15 per cent increase in membership as people tend to make resolutions during this time of the year.”

However, he said there was a need for people to “go slow” and workout under the guidance of a trainer. Mr. Sheikh also suggested the need to maintain a balanced diet. He pointed out that group exercises would motivate people to stick on for a long time.

“First timers need to start off with cardio and gradually and make it intense,” he said.

Rakesh R., a gym instructor said: “Most people enrol for gym programmes after January 1 after they finish feasting and partying. However, many of them do not stick on to this regime for long. After a month or two they lose interest in it. The initial enthusiasm fades away.”

He emphasises on the need to stick to a fitness pattern all through the year rather than just for a month or two. “It needs to become a part of the routine,” Mr. Sheikh added.

Meanwhile, several people have also decided to exercise at home and go for long walks rather than shelling out large sums of money on gyms and yoga classes.

Some people also vouch for a gradual change in their lifestyle rather than plunging into working out impulsively at one go. They advocated aiming for a long-term fitness goal.

Amritha Lutria, a student, said she would stick to meditation and exercise at home. “Apart from that I will also cut down on junk food and chose to eat more natural food and avoid processed food.”