The Karnataka High Court on Wednesday directed the Registrar, Bangalore University, to conduct an inquiry into the controversy over maintenance of attendance of students pursuing MBA by T. John College, Bangalore, and submit a report within four weeks.

Justice B.S. Patil passed the interim order on the petitions filed by C. Sihobudeen and five other students who are pursuing MBA in the college.

The students complained that the college principal did not issue hall tickets sent by the university to appear for the 2nd semester in the last year though they had sufficient attendance and had paid fees. They claimed that the principal did not issue hall tickets because that they did not know English and also they were unable to buy a laptop.

However, they were allowed to appear for four papers of 2nd semester by the High Court earlier as by the time they approached the court the exams of three papers were completed.

They said that now the college has again not issued them hall tickets to appear for the 3rd semester exam commencing from January 5.

The students alleged that they had attended requisite number of classes, but the college was falsely claiming that they had attendance shortage. The college, in its response, had denied the allegations made by the petitioner-students.

When the High Court asked the college to produce manual attendance registers of these students, the college claimed that no attendance register is maintained as attendance is computerised. Though college claimed that the lecturers note down in their diary about the presence of students in the classroom and later feed it to computer, it could not produce records in this regard.

Following this, the High Court found that the matter required an inquiry while observing that how the college could have dispensed with the system of maintaining attendance registers. The court found that the method of registering attendance of MBA students in the college is not clear.