There is a shortage of 14,000 teachers in State’s primary schools

Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri on Wednesday said that the government was considering a proposal to appoint guest teachers to overcome the shortage of about 14,000 teachers in primary schools in the State.

Responding to a question from Bandeppa Kashempur of the Janata Dal(S) in the Legislative Assembly, Mr. Kageri said a decision has been taken, in principle, to recruit guest teachers. “Discussions have been held with the officials of the department and it was favoured that guest teachers be recruited to tide over the shortage. However, the proposal is yet to receive the approval of the Finance Ministry,” he said.

When several Opposition members sought to press the government to make a formal announcement on appointing guest teachers, Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar intervened and said a decision had to be taken keeping in mind the “financial limitations”. However, he promised that a decision will be taken soon after the conclusion of the Legislature session. Earlier, Mr. Kageri said that the appointment of guest teachers is being considered even as the regular process of recruitment of teachers will be taken up.

The need for guest teachers has arisen as the schools can ill afford to wait for the completion of the process of regular recruitment that may take about six months.

Mr. Kageri said that the shortage had arisen due to various reasons including superannuation of teachers as well as the demand for more teachers in some schools in the light of the implementation of Right To Education Act.

He said that there are about 4,000 vacancies for teachers in high schools and the process of appointing 3,407 teachers had begun with the Government issuing a notification.


Government First Grade Colleges in the State are also facing shortage of lecturers.

Minister for Higher Education C.T. Ravi, while responding to a question from Kimmane Rathnakar in the Assembly, said that there were 847 vacancies of lecturers in Government First Grade Colleges.

In view of the “financial limitations” on recruitment, Mr. Ravi said that the Department of Higher Education had prepared a list of 276 vacancies, which needed to be filled on priority.

He said that the shortage had arisen in view of the increase of about 20 per cent in admission to government colleges during the last three or four years.

Also, the Government has issued a circular empowering principals to appoint guest lecturers to tide over the shortage. A guest lecturer with Ph.D. or M.Phil will be paid Rs. 10,000 per month while a post-graduate will be paid Rs. 8,000 remuneration.