Six children of Building Blocks Daisy kindergarten school in Whitefield were allegedly branded with a hot iron rod by a school attendant on Tuesday as a disciplinary measure.

The little children, all aged between three and five, were making a lot of noise when Sujata (32), the attendant who was in charge, decided she had had enough. She allegedly heated a metal rod and branded the four girls and two boys on their hands.

The crime is believed to have happened in the morning but it came to light when parents, who came to collect the children in the afternoon, were shocked to discover what had happened.

The school sacked Sujata immediately and a case registered against her. The complaint was filed by one of the parents, Vijaykumar, in Whitefield police station. Incensed parents protested in front of the school and damaged some property.

Smashed against wall

In another incident, at St. Mary’s School on Queen’s Road, a nine-year-old boy suffered cuts on his lip and also lost two of his teeth when his maths teacher allegedly smashed his face into the wall because he had not done his homework.

The teacher, Nirmala, asked Mohammed Huzaif about his homework during the second period and when he said he had been unable to complete it, she allegedly pulled his ears, dragging him with such force that his face slammed into the wall, knocking out two teeth.

Even as the child bled, a caretaker was called to clean the bloodstains. The Class 3 student was also forced to skip lunch and told to sit on the playground even after school hours.

His parents, Mohammed Fayaz, an electrician, and Umae Salma, told the police they were threatened by the school with rustication if they complained.