Two days after a woman bank officer was brutally attacked inside an unguarded ATM kiosk in Bangalore, Karanataka police chief on Thursday said the assailant has been identified and efforts are on to catch him.

“The man has been identified by CCTV photo. We are making efforts to arrest the person,” Karnataka Director General of Police (DGP) Lalrokhuma Pachuau told reporters here.

“In Bangalore city, we had been seeing attacks on ATMs occassionally. Then we had arranged a meeting with the bank manager and the representatives of all the banks some time ago to revive some means of security at ATMs either by CCTV or by deploying a security guard or even armed guards where it is necessary,” the DGP said.

Earlier report from Imran Gowhar

The Karnataka police had traced the mobile phone, snatched from the woman victim, in Andhra Pradesh. The investigators zeroed in on the possible location based on the information culled out from the mobile tower at an undisclosed location in Andhra Pradesh.

Police sources said they hope the clue would help them close in on the assailant, who attacked Jyothi Uday, manager of Corporation bank when she went to the ATM to withdraw money on Tuesday.

Soon after the attack on 44-year old woman, eight teams of police had been formed and one of the team had been to tracking the victim's mobile the accused had taken away with him.

After tracing the mobile tower location in Andhra Pradesh, the police picked up a person who confessed to have purchased the mobile from the accused.

The person, who bought the mobile, gave some leads about the accused upon questioning. Based on these leads, police are closing in on him. The person, who bought mobile from the accused has been brought to Bangalore for further inquiry.

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