A young mother abandoned by her husband and living with her brother immolated herself and her toddler at Chowdeshwarinagar in Rajagopalanagar here on Saturday.

The police, who suspect family tensions, said Sravanti (27), who hails from Andhra Pradesh, married Narasimha, a barber, three years ago.

However, he abandoned her one-and-a-half years ago, soon after the birth of their girl child, Priyadarshini.

Sravanti, who lived with her older brother Narendra, was working as a beautician to eke out a living.

On Saturday, Sravanti prepared breakfast for Narendra and after he left for work, locked herself in, doused kerosene on herself and her daughter, and ignited it.

Neighbours who noticed smoke broke open the door and tried to rescue the two but by then they were charred to death.

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