It's just March but it already feels like May!

This year, summer seems to have made an early entry in the region giving ample indications of what lay in store in the ensuing summer months for Vizagites. And the hot conditions are likely to prevail for the next two to three days, according to the weather officials.

Unusually hot conditions prevailed in the region during the past two to three weeks. Temperatures have been four degrees above normal throughout this month and on a few occasions rose to five degrees above normal, according to reports from the Cyclone Warning Centre. While normally the mercury makes a steady upward move from April, this year temperatures have shot up from March itself.

Tuesday recorded a maximum temperature of 38 degree Celsius and the weatherman has forecast that it may take an upward march in the next two or three days. Experts attribute the phenomenon to climate change that has become an accepted and encroaching reality with more extreme weather, including hotter summers, anticipated around the planet. Director of Cyclone Warning Centre S. Venkateshwarlu told The Hindu that the hot weather condition was due to a high- pressure area formed off the AP coast that was dragging the winds from the land towards the sea.

The average maximum temperature recorded during March has been four degrees above normal and touched 38 degrees Celsius on Tuesday, the highest recorded so far.

According to him, the reason behind this is the presence of hot Southerly and Southwesterly winds in the region that prevents the sea breeze to penetrate into the land. A factor, which compounded the situation, was that the city has had cloudless skies for some time. There was no moisture build-up at all.

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