Overgrown shrubs, broken benches, and play equipment greet visitors

Garbage generated by visitors and thrown by neighbours gives a shabby look to Sivaji Park. The sanitary workers engaged by the GVMC clean the park only occasionally.

Overgrown shrubs, broken benches and play equipment greet visitors. Located between MVP Colony and Sivajipalem, the park which was developed after shifting the city's dumping yard from there to Kapulauppada in mid-1990s, is considered one of the major attractions in the city.

Paucity of funds and lack of supervision by the higher-ups make the conditions inside the park deplorable. Morning and evening walkers face the music as they have to encounter garbage dumped at several places. “Walkers come to the park to chant the ‘health mantra', but the garbage strewn around makes for a filthy sight ,” says M. Ramachandra Rao, a former service personnel.

People living in buildings which have come up all around the park find it easy to throw domestic garbage into the park in polythene bags. “Of late, the park has been converted into a dustbin by some residents of the area. We have to blame both GVMC, as well as the people for lacking the civic sense,” said a regular visitor.

Sagar Walkers' Association president V. Rama Rao said they were thoroughly disappointed at the careless attitude of officials in charge of the park for the bad maintenance and the attitude of some of the residents of the area.

“Walking over the waste material in the early hours gives a very bad feeling for regular visitors in the morning. That too many come to the park as it has become a lung space in the crowded locality. We hope the authorities will respond to our plea immediately and take corrective steps immediately,” he said.

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