For the past couple of months Rushikonda Beach has been a ghost of its former glory. With an increasing number of drowning cases the authorities had shut down all water sports at the beach. However, on Sunday the beach was back to being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. The water was dotted with kayaks, surfboards, stand-up paddle boards and boogie boards. The gentle waves were perfect for beginners to pick up the basics. For those who had learnt to surf, but were a bit rusty, it was the perfect opportunity to get back into form. After a few bumps and bruises, a number of children were seen riding the waves with ease.

Kayak ride

Children belonging to the fishing families were natural at surfing and were happy to show off their skills. Those who were a little less adventurous rowed their way into the sea in a kayak. Students of the swimming academy attached to Aqua Sports Complex tried boogie boarding and there was also a competition conducted for them. It was refreshing to see the beach buzzing with activity with people sipping coconut water and relaxing while trained lifeguards monitored the situation.

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