The focus of the officials is on completing service roads and the Asilmetta sub-way before Kiran's visit

The condition of roads continues to be grim in several parts of the city.

Whether it is the posh Waltair Uplands area or New Colony, roads are virtual booby-traps that could snare the unwary drivers. Those using two-wheelers for quicker travel out of the maze of dug-up roads, heaps of debris and feverish paced work at some places have the nasty surprise at the most unsuspected places.

Take the pit just next to a manhole at Waltair Uplands. It is a steep and narrow road and as it is one has to be extra careful while negotiating it.

What will be the fate of the two-wheeler driver if he had to apply sudden brake or fall into the ditch? The gaping hole is visible during day but at night it is quite possible it might not be noticed.

The concentration of the corporation is on completing the service roads and the sub-way at Asilmetta before the Chief Minister's visit on March 25 when it is scheduled for inauguration.

With the inauguration getting top priority, the ditch on this road or that road appears to be of minor consequence. That it might prove too costly for the road-users seems to escape the attention of the corporation.

UGD work

The underground drainage work has been going on for years now. It was completed in several parts and roads were restored. But in a few parts, digging has begun for manholes.

In some other parts, roads have been half laid and left at that. With even the term of corporators ending, people do not know whom to approach for relief.

At New Colony and Akkayyapalem Jagannadhapuram areas too, roads have been dug up for underground drainage work. For several days now, the situation is crying out for attention. Clearing out the debris and making the road fully available would have solved the problem.


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