In a move aimed at providing relief to prompt tax payers, the government has issued an order giving a 5 per cent incentive to those who remit the property tax for the full year for 2014-15 without regard to issuing of demand notice by April 30.

An official release issued by GVMC says after April 30, 2 per cent interest will be levied for every month. Earlier, for default, only simple interest was levied.

However, while the time given by the government ends on April 30, the information conveyed by a press release came on April 15, after half the month is over.

Officials said it would take some time for them to finalise the demand after the financial year ended taking into account the payments up to March 31.

However, by the same logic tax-payers also need to be informed beforehand of the incentive so as to utilise it by finding resources for it as many of them paid the tax only in March.

It was learnt that even in Hyderabad the notification was issued only three days ago. The Director of Municipal Administration updated the software relating to the payment only on Monday. However, the burden goes up for those not utilising the incentive offer with compounded interest levied every month after April 30.

When contacted, Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) P M Satyaveni said the order was uniform for all the municipal corporations and there was nothing GVMC could do about it being informed a fortnight late.

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