A huge ‘gedda’ (drain) at the entrance of the MVP Colony Sector XI mars the otherwise beautiful image of the posh locality, categorised into LIG, MIG and HIG.

Since some of the sewer lines of the households are connected to the gedda instead of UGD, it emanates unbearable stench and has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. This, according to colony residents, is one of the pressing problems which has to be addressed immediately.

Another concern is the graveyard in the colony. “The traditional cremations carried out in the burial ground are causing inconvenience to the neighbours. We have approached GVMC authorities to establish electric crematorium so that the issue can be solved to a large extent,” says Nanduri Ramakrishna, president of MVP Residents Welfare Association (12 sector).

Despite the Police Task Force office located in the colony and security guards keeping a close watch on the houses, there have been rising incidences of chain snatching in the locality.

With the roadside eateries being the culture of the colony, members of the association worry that the residential colony is gradually becoming a commercial zone. Women expressed their concern over hygiene aspects as the mobile kiosk vendors have been dumping the waste and leftover food items on the road itself.

Though there are many interesting features that draw the colony people to reside in the locality for several years, certain long pending civic issues need to be addressed.

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