Though the Supreme Court order banning the use of sun control (black) films on the windscreens and windows of cars has come into effect nearly six months ago, there still seems to be confusion among car owners on it.

The manufacturer can use tinted glass that allows visual light transmission (VLT) up to 70 per cent on the front and rear screens and up to 50 per cent on the side windows, according to the existing Motor Vehicle Rules.

In the past, this rule was not being implemented strictly and car owners were using dark sun control films to reduce the heat and intensity of sunlight.

The Apex Court order allows vehicle manufacturers to fix tinted glass in the factory, in accordance with the prescribed norms but the owners can no longer get the film (irrespective of the VLT) affixed at car accessory dealers or on their own.

The city police have begun cracking the whip on violators of this rule two months ago.

The drive is yet to produce the desired result with not only personal cars but also taxicabs continuing to use sun control films.

The court had passed the order on a Public Interest Litigation that cars with black film on window panes were being increasingly used to commit crimes like kidnapping and sexual assault on women.

The dark glass helps the offenders to escape without being noticed after committing crime.

“We are not getting new customers for sun control filming during the past few weeks. Some are coming for getting the old film peeled off to avoid the prospect of being fined by the traffic police as the fine could go up to Rs.2000,” said Krishna, a car AC mechanic, who has his workshop at Asilametta.

Police appeal

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) V. Suresh Babu appealed to the four-wheeler owners to get the black film removed immediately and abide by the court order.

The owners are not allowed to use any film, irrespective of the VLT, on the front and rear screens and windows.

The cars which come with a tint on their glasses from the factory would be allowed as per the court order.

“The minimum fine being imposed for violation of this rule is Rs.500. We have booked over 400 cases during the last two months. More and more owners are complying with the new rule and getting the sun control film removed on their own,” said Mr. Suresh Babu.

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