House committee hints at role of AP TRIMCO

The AP Assembly Committee on Petitions, which visited Galikonda and Raktakonda, one of the areas proposed for bauxite mining in Visakha Agency, is of the opinion that the Girijans are against the mining and its report to the government would be in tune with the feelings of the Girijans, its Chairman Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka said here on Tuesday.

Addressing mediapersons Mr. Vikramarka said no political party or organisation had thought of involving the AP Tribal Mining Private Limited (AP TRIMCO) in this issue. AP TRIMCO was formed in May 2001 under the Companies Act as a joint venture company of APMDC and Scheduled Tribes Cooperative Finance Limited (AP TRICOR) to explore mineral resources in tribal areas and uplift the living conditions of the Girijans by distributing the mineral wealth. It can explore all kinds of minerals, including bauxite.

The statement by the Chairman of the Legislative Committee is certain to worry the Girijans, environmentalists and all others opposing bauxite mining since it would uproot the Girijans from their natural habitat and cause serious damage to environment.

Asked why the Committee visited the area even after the Girijans are firm against bauxite mining, Mr. Vikramarka said it was in response to the petitions received by the Committee and to make a field study to understand the problems, gather information, receive locals’ objections and to asses the pros and cons. “Our visit is not certainly for the sake of managements (of the alumina refineries)”, he said.

A member of the Committee Ravula Chandrasekhar Reddy said it was not proper to take up mining for the sake of a few individuals. Another member K. Kannababu wanted the officials to submit a detailed report on how the mining would impact the area and people. Member K. Kamala was also present.

Earlier, the Committee reviewed the bauxite mining proposal with the officials, according to an official press release. Managing Director of APMDC M.K. Meena gave a power point presentation on the proposal for bauxite mining.


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