For LIC Colony, re-laying of the 200-metre BT Road laid way back in 1998 with the MPLADS funds of Dronamraju Satyanarayana and constructing drains are nagging problems.

The road was in a bad shape by the year 2000. Since then, the residents have been demanding that it be re-laid.

“We have represented to the MLA and three successive zone commissioners about the road to no avail,” says president of residents’ association G. Dakshina Murthy.

Even if the road is taken up as per the priorities fixed by the GVMC, it should have been laid by now.

For lack of roads, residents had to park their vehicles 1-km away and walk down to their houses, recalled secretary P.T. Naidu.

However, over a period of time, five internal roads running more than half a km have been laid.

A new one laid awaits formal inauguration, even as the demand for the much sought-after BT Road remains unfulfilled. Because of it, an extra km had to be covered, say residents.

Drains in the colony for about 350 metres have to be repaired. An apartment constructed nearby lets off sewage into the adjacent site. A few houses on the upper gradient suffer for lack of flow and drains stagnate.

Particularly, at the end of the third street, drains flow back into the adjacent house if it rains. It needs to be levelled.

The water let off from the apartment and drainage from about a dozen houses has to be connected to an outlet which the colony has.

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