Sometimes general ticket holders are being misled by some unscrupulous squad TTEs, who are issuing them Excess Fare Tickets (EFTs) and directing them to reserved coaches knowing fully well that such passengers are not authorised to board them.

These unscrupulous squad TTEs loiter near the current reservation counter and readily issue EFTs, after collecting fine amount and direct them to board reserved coaches. When the regular TTE checks their ticket, he directs them to the general coach or if a berth is vacant, he allots it to the passenger after collecting the normal reservation charge.

While some innocent passengers are under the impression that the ETF issued by the squad TTE allows them to board reserved coaches, there are some over-smart passengers who think they can manage by convincing the regular TTE. The squad TTE can only collect ‘fine’ and issue EFTs to passengers on the train, but only the regular TTE can allot the berth, depending on the vacancy.

While the over-smart passengers, who indulge in such illegal methods, should be ready to bear the consequences, the innocent ones are at a loss to understand as to what was the mistake they had committed after paying the amount and getting a ticket (EFT) from a ‘black coat’ TTE. Incidentally, both regular and squad TTEs wear the same black coat.

The undue delay in the appointment of a regular Director for the Visakhapatnam International Airport is said to be resulting in delay in the implementation of various development works at the airport.

Quick decisions need to be taken to meet the needs of airline operators, be they domestic or international carriers and for speedy completion of ongoing projects. The completion of the integrated cargo complex has been delayed. Air Asia, which planned to operate domestic flights to Bangalore in June, is yet to start operations. The airline is also said to be planning international flights from Vizag to Bangkok and Malaysia by November this year.

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