The most favoured petrol and diesel dispensing station in the City – HPCL Millennium Outlet – is one of the best selling stations in the country. It is the third best petrol dispensing outlet in the country across all public sector oil company outlets. Importantly the best two are in New Delhi.

In other words the petrol station that we prefer is better than all others in the country, but for two in New Delhi, all the more reason for us to take pride.

In recognition of its quick delivery performance the Club HP outlet has been chosen for an upgrading to Club HP Star and it is now a part of an exclusive club of 25 such outlets in the country. Other outlets would have to compete to make grade.

Club HP Star has some very stringent standard operation procedures that ensure that no more than 2 cars are waiting at any dispensing unit. The standard time for any vehicle is also fixed, it gets extended only when the customer hands over a card for payment as the swiping, connectivity and other factors cannot be fixed, HPCL Chief Regional Manager M.K. Chary said.

The upgrading of the Flagship Outlet of the HPCL was announced by Executive Director HPCL Visakh Refinery V.V.R. Narasimham at a ceremony organised for the occasion. The personnel manning the outlet were given away red stars in recognition. The staff put on the stars immediately with their chests swelling in pride, something that has enabled the outlet to stand out in the country. A number of senior officials of the HPCL participated in the celebrations.

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