The marginal increase in the levels of reservoirs that supply water to the city coupled with the improvement in the groundwater level has reduced the stress on the water supply position.

As a result the critical water supply position that would have resulted in the reservoirs going dry by June 10 eased. “Now the alternate day supply can be maintained for the next two months,” says Municipal Commissioner V.N. Vishnu.

However, one hour supply would be ensured, he asserted recalling that even at the recent corporation's special general body meeting on water supply members complained about supply for less than an hour. In some areas it was even less than half an hour. The Groundwater Department put the improvement in water level due to the recent rain under Cyclone Laila to about 1 m. More inflows are expected into the Raiwada reservoir that already rose by 1 m. Besides the demand for supply by auto rickshaws and tankers also came down indicating increase in levels. The number of tankers supplying water to various localities came down from 70 to 29.

Recharge pits

Mr. Vishnu said on Monday the data about recharge pits was available for buildings constructed till two years ago. He asked officials to obtain prototypes of the pits for implementation. The Water, Land and Trees Act will be implemented strictly in all new buildings coming up henceforth.

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