Waiting at the airport after check in can leave passengers feeling quite hungry and thirsty before boarding a flight.

The International terminal at the airport for the past three months has not had a snack or a refreshment counter which is a basic convenience that passengers look for.

However, passengers travelling to Dubai and Singapore need not worry any longer as a new snack counter has been opened at the International security hold area.

A range of snacks like freshly made sandwiches, puffs, samosas, chips and other short eats along with soft drinks and hot beverages are being served.

“Compared to major airports the shopping and eating options are few in Vizag and it is nice to see a new restaurant setting up shop, said a frequent flyer. Vinita who flew to Singapore form the city recently said that after the long wait at immigration there were no counters serving refreshments and they had to wait till after the flight took off to grab a bite.

The new snack bar is being run by Vihar.

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