Excess hair could be a genetic issue


Consult a doctor to IDENTIFY the problem and get treatment

One problem faced by women is hirsutism - male patterned hair growth on the body, like on face, chest, abdomen, causing the woman having unwanted hair both cosmetic and psychological problems.

Hirsutism could be due to increased levels of the male harmone - androgen in woman’s body, high circulating levels of insulin, polycystic ovary syndrome which accounts for 57 per cent of the causes, tumours in ovaries, congenital disorders, etc. The problem begins during puberty in most cases. Significant hair growth on upper lip, chin, chest lower abdomen, along with acne, hair loss on scalp, voice becoming deep, becoming obese etc. are some of the symptoms. Though waxing, shaving and laser treatment are the methods to remove the excess hair, it is advisable to consult a doctor who could pinpoint the exact problem and provide treatment. The doctor would inquire about the medical history to understand if it was PCOS or genetic problem, .

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