Speakers at the meeting address diverse environmental concerns through presentations and talks

As part of steps being taken to strengthen green movement and spread the message among general public, People’s Organisation for Welfare in Rural Environment (POWER) along with the Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology of BVK Degree College lined up to launch ‘National Environment Awareness Campaign 2013-2014’ here on Monday.

With the theme being ‘Biodiversity’, the campaign addressed diverse environmental concerns through presentations and talks. The invitees spoke on biodiversity and its conservation at length. Associate Professor of Department of Botany, Andhra University P.K. Ratna Kumar screened a digital presentation covering environmental topics.

From a conservation viewpoint, he said: “The rich ecosystem is being disturbed by increase in population, industrial expansion, global warming and other risk factors. The loss of biodiversity affects the existence of many species including human life. It is important to conceive innovative ideas while keeping the traditional practices alive. As a team we should take all the necessary steps to protect our environment before it is too late.”

The event saw some of the college students voicing their views on different types of biodiversity such as genetic, species and ecosystem. According to them, rising pollution levels, spread of urban areas and fading traditional lifestyles were a few reasons that cause steep decline in biodiversity.

Disadvantages of monoculture and over-harvesting, exploitation of certain species and the impact of biodiversity on food, medicine and industrial material apart from the strategies to conserve the same were discussed on the occasion.

Principal of the college G. Chandrasekhar Naidu and secretary of POWER Abdul Raqueeb participated in the event.



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