It was a happy occasion for Rajasthanis as some 30 women of the family met at a common place and celebrated Hariyali Teej.

The third day after Amavasya in the auspicious month of Sraawan was celebrated as Hariyali Teej. Women prepare for the Teej a day before by applying mehendi on their hands. On the festival day, women wear new clothes, seek the blessings of the elderly and savour traditional delicacies. “Teej is also followed in some parts of Haryana, Punjab and Bihar apart from Rajasthan. It is an occasion where our family members assemble at a common place and make merry,” Sujatha Agarwal, said.

According to women of the community, the celebration is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, who longs for ages to get married to Lord Siva. “After 107 births and rigorous Tapasya, Lord Siva accepts Parvati as his wife during her 108 Janma,” Saraswathi Agarwal, the 85-year old mother-in-law of Ms. Sujatha explained.

Parvati’s happiness was celebrated in different ways such as applying mehendi on hands, wearing new clothes, swinging on the swing and dressing up traditionally with Solah Shringar (16 adornments).

“The same tradition is being followed by us as we get together to rejoice the occasion,” Ms. Saraswathi added.

Married women celebrate Teej to seek the blessings of marital happiness and long life of the husband while young ones worship Goddess Parvati to get blessed with a husband who is as passionate and adorable as Lord Siva, Ms. Sujatha explained.

Some women also observe fasting on the day. Daughters and daughters-in-law visit home and share their happiness with family members.

Elderly women gift the younger ones with cash and devour traditional delicacies. “We look forward to celebrate Teej as we meet our family members and relatives and get generous amount of cash from our grandmother,” Sachnam and Shalu, third generation women of the family, added.


Celebration time for Rajastani womenJuly 31, 2014

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