Visakhapatnam Municipal Commissioner announces decentralised solid waste management plan with financial aid from Hudco

The decentralised solid waste management with financial aid from Hudco will be launched from July 15, Municipal Commissioner M. V. Satyanarayana has said.

A meeting with Hudco officials is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon in New Delhi. Hudco has committed itself to extend financial aid of Rs. 3 crore under corporate social responsibility to enable the civic body with 520 sq km area and 20 lakh population take up the new SWM.

The new programme envisages transportation to dump yards in each of the six zones for disposal -- with separation of garbage as dry and wet at the doorstep of about 4 lakh households -- will help the civic body, the second largest in the State, comply with Solid Waste Management Rules 2000 of the Supreme Court.

Mr. Satyanarayana said the government had given guidelines to go ahead, pending the agreement for integrated SWM with Ramky environmental engineers.

Though the decentralised SWM was planned for March, queries raised by the government was one of the reasons for the delay.

The company is reportedly unwilling to absorb 5,000-odd sanitation workers and is insisting instead on 2100.

The commissioner maintained that the Ramky issue involved various aspects which the government was examining.

On the Kapuluppada dumpyard, he said it was levelled now and would be used later for making compost. For sale of garage accumulated for several years now, tenders were called but only one met all the conditions. Mr. Satyanarayana said tenders were called again, relaxing conditions.

Once the new plan is implemented, pollution to which residents near Kapuluppada were objecting, would be reduced.

Also another site of 200 acres at Tunglam would be taken for SWM. He assured that unlike the Kapuluppada yard, all AP Pollution Control Board norms would be adhered to.

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