The green belt area was fenced a few years ago when Sabbam Hari was Mayor

Notwithstanding the measures taken to collect garbage from households, increasing use of plastic and other materials by various shops has led to clogging of drains.

The services of workers could be better utilised if only clogging of drains is prevented, admit civic officials. But that seems to be a far cry if the ground realities are seen.

Adjacent to the national highway and close to Satyam Junction, where prominent IT firms are located, a drain is full of dumped material.

The space adjacent to the highway has been earmarked as green belt and dumping of debris there is prohibited and, sometimes fined.

The green belt area was fenced a few years ago when Sabbam Hari was Mayor.

Ideal place'

But now those doing business in used bottles and paper seem to have found an ideal place for their work in the green belt area.

It is also quite easy to dump material which they do not need.

Besides, other garbage is also finding its way into the drain.


While clearing the drain should get priority, there is no guarantee that it would remain free of garbage.

Those dumping garbage seem to hardly realise that the cost in terms of health is much more than the method of disposal they have chosen.

The GVMC is planning to introduce picking up of garbage from shops making it mandatory for the shops to maintain dust bins.

That apart, establishing a correlation between clogged drains and the incidence of illness in the neighbouring area would help create awareness among the local people.

There is no dearth of the wherewithal as the GVMC has a large number of self-help groups.

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