Chhattisgarh Governor Shekhar Dutt, accompanied by his wife Sushmita Dutt arrived in Visakhapatnam on a two-day visit to the Eastern Naval Command (ENC) on Wednesday.

Mrs. Sushmita Dutt visited the CSN Patnaik Art Gallery at MVP Colony and appreciated the works of sculptor C.S.N. Patnaik and his son Ravi Shankar Patnaik. Prof. Ravi Shankar Patnaik is a former Head of the Department of Fine Arts, Andhra University. Mrs. Dutt, who is also an artist, spent a lot of time in going through each of the works on display at the gallery. She was presented with a copy of CSN Patnaik’s painting. Mr. Shekhar Dutt and Mrs. Sushmita Dutt are scheduled to depart leave Visakhapatnam on Thursday.

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