Around 1,000 people stay in the colony spread over 25 acres where several independent and group houses dominate the area

Elegant, neat and quiet are the words that come to one’s mind while exploring MVP Colony- Sector XI. With a long stretch of avenue plantations that greet the eyes, the colony is quite charming with its warm people.

In 1981, the plots were allotted to the residents through draw of lots. Over the years, the once upon a time sparsely populated colony has become the most-sought after one. With a temple to draw the devotees and a park that attracts diverse age-groups, the residents say life in Sector XI is both lively and peaceful.

Around 1,000 people stay in the colony spread over 25 acres where several independent and group houses dominate the locality. “Three decades before, the colony wore a deserted look with no proper roads, electricity and water supply. It took nearly six years to fight a battle and facilitate basic amenities in the colony coordinating with the GVMC authorities. Today, with perfect infrastructure and plenty of ground water availability along with municipal water, the character of the colony has changed from residential to commercial hub,” says Nanduri Ramakrishna, president of MVP Colony Residents Welfare Association who has been living there since its inception.

Snacks on wheels

In the evening, the colony sports a new look. From ‘idli’ vendor to ‘dosa’ maker and ‘bajji’ seller, several mobile eateries dot the lanes catering to the needs of the enthusiastic roadside eaters. From market to restaurants, banks to hospitals, colleges to schools, the colony residents are more than happy to access almost everything within a few minutes walk. “Easy accessibility to every place is one of the main reasons why I have been residing in the colony for the last 10 years. The park in front of my house unites us in an amusing fashion and engages the residents in a row of fun-filled activities like summer crash course and competitions like singing and dancing,” says Janet Kamal, who works as an English teacher at Alwardas Public School.

With MVP Colony (Sector XI) Residents’ Welfare Association keeping a close watch on the maintenance of the park, garbage maintenance and other needs, its secretary S. Ramakrishna Rao says the association members come up with workable solutions to deal with any kind of problems.

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