Actor Ravi Kondala Rao says present generation is getting carried away by seeing fanciful movies

Those days, the period was termed as ‘swarna yugam’ as 75 per cent of films would hit the box office and only 25 per cent failed to reach the audience. The main objective was to reach wider section of people. Earlier, movies touched many a heart and the art of entertainment was kept alive, said noted senior actor, writer and stage director Ravi Kondala Rao.

During a programme ‘Telugu Cinema Prasthanam’ organised by Vizag Film Society (VFS) here on Monday he spoke about 100 years of Indian cinema and the role of Telugu cinema. Decades ago, mythological themes were ruling the roost. He said the present generation was getting carried away seeing fanciful movies that hardly have any message to convey. Of the old classics like ‘Raja Harishchandra’ ‘Malapilla’, ‘Bhakta Prahallada’, Pathala Bhairavi’, ‘Devadas’ and ‘Lava Kusa’, among others, ‘Malapilla’ showcased contemporary social issues and the first of its kind on Dalit woman. Though the movie caused a lot of controversy, it became a sensational hit during that time. With several editing and technical constraints, the film industry then concentrated on good stories and themes, he said. Stressing on the need to promote good movies, he said: “These days, people are only focusing on the commercial and glamour elements. Films are now tailor made reaching limited set of audience and filmmakers are least bothered about protecting the values. However, one cannot exercise control over bad films. But yes, we can promote good movies in Indian cinema that depicts human values inspiring the youth.” He later appreciated the team of VFS for promoting and screening good cinema. Honorary secretary of VFS Narava Prakasa Rao, joint secretary P.V. Ramana and organiser of the programme Nanduri Prabhakar were present.