Dreamchip Electronics Pvt Ltd is offering turnkey solutions: CEO

The booming market for electronic devices and appliances is an opportunity for the Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM) sector. The competitive edge requires increasing miniaturisation by creating a comprehensive System on Chip (SoC). Since SoC design and development is a time consuming and expensive affair, the companies have to use Electronic Design Automation tools.

The design would then be prototyped and evaluated before going for fabrication. As there is no fabrication unit in India, all of them have to be manufactured in China, Taiwan, and Korea. Indian companies have the edge in design and development.

Sankhya Technologies Pvt Ltd’s SANKHYA Teraptor can drastically bring down the costs for electronic manufacturing companies with its top down, application-driven system-level modelling and design.

Using the Teraptor platform for chip design and development, CEO of Sankhya Gopi Bulusu floated Dreamchip Electronics Pvt Ltd that offers turnkey solutions encompassing SoC modelling, design, production, reference boards, and embedded software development.

Custom-designed SoCs have the advantage of being better optimised, thereby offering superior performance. These also lower electronic product manufacturing process costs by reducing the bill of materials, the founding-director explained.

Dreamchip has made a very unique offer, after an initial feasibility study. Dreamchip offers select customers SoCs at a flat 35 per cent discount.

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