“The area has greenery all over but there is no park for the children to play. The stray dogs are a menace and children are scared to return home alone in the evening," says P. Padmavathi, a resident

The people of Adarshnagar are demanding a full fledged police station in the region, development of parks and handing over of burial ground site by the Department of Animal Husbandry to local people.

Prema Latha, a social worker says that the region comprising Adarshanagar and Arilova with a population of over a lakh needs a full fledged police station as the region is thickly populated and there has been a high incidence of property crimes, including robberies and theft. A small police outpost at Arilova caters to the entire region and the presence of police is nominal. Silence reigns supreme in the colony throughout the day and night as there is hardly any activity. Men leave to their jobs by 9 a.m. and return only after sunset. The absence of commercial complexes, hotels and eateries has made the colony an inactive one. The region has no parks at all. Stray dogs are a menace in the colony.

Nalluri Bhaskara Rao, a civic leader says that recently a small place had been allocated for developing a park near the GVMC commercial complex. The GVMC officials fenced the park space. Tree plantation and sitting spaces will be developed shortly. The hill top houses of the weaker sections had water supply problems until recently. Of late tap connections had been given even to the hill top residents.

The Arilova and Adarshanagar region have just one site for burial ground. The site which belonged to the Department of Animal Husbandry is yet to be transferred to the burial ground committee of local people. There is resistance from the department for development of the burial ground including construction of a compound wall.


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