For residents of Lalitanagar near Sankar Mutt in the heart of the city a host of problems are making life difficult.

Like several parts of the city, bad road that leads from the Sankar Mutt road to Lalitangar is an everyday risk. A man and his family had a narrow escape without being injured when their motorcycle skidded.

But an accident happens at least once in a week because of the road condition, he says. Torrential rains this season have made the road worse.

The road is adjacent to a major storm water drain. Major work on the storm water drain has been taken up and going on for a long time. A retaining wall has been constructed but a yawning gap between the wall and the road with heaped up rubble make the road all the more dangerous.

According to washer-men working there, the situation has been the same for a long time now.

To add to the woes of residents, streetlights also do not function properly putting residents to risk. Even if the lights shine, they are sometimes damaged by some persons. In the dark, the road turns into an open toilet. The entire area is facing mosquito menace increasing health hazards of the area.

It must said to be the credit of the civic officials that they keep coming once in a while enquiring about problems and saying that they will take it to the notice of higher officials. But relief eludes the residents. An official said if people had represented, the road restoration work would have been taken up. But a week after the issue came to his notice, it remains the same


LIC Road in a bad shape October 24, 2012

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