BJP Prime Minister nominee’s much-publicised ‘Modi 3D Live Show’ at Sharada Bakery at Marripalem on Wednesday evening turned out to be a non-starter disappointing people who gathered there.

The programme was scheduled to start at 6 p.m. but never really got off barring an occasional glimpse of Mr. Modi. For some time the audio of Mr. Modi’s speech was available. The delay was put to good use by BJP leaders to make speeches targeting YSRC leader Jagamohan Reddy and non-local MPs even as some technicians tried to get the live show on.

BJP Andhra Pradesh president and Visakhapatnam Lok Sabha nominee K. Haribabu apologised for the programme not taking off.

Party leader P.V.N. Madhav said technical experts from Gujarat came a few days ago here and made all the arrangements and a trial run was made successfully in the morning. But the live cast could not be made because of a snag, he said.


Modi 3D live showApril 23, 2014

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