Telugu Wikipedia celebrates 10th anniversary

Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission Chairman Mandali Buddha Prasad lauded the efforts being made for expanding Telugu Wikipedia and taking it closer to people. He promised to extend his support for that initiative while trying his best to promote the language through all possible means.

Participating in the Telugu Wikipedia’s 10th anniversary celebrations held at KBN College here on Saturday, Mr. Buddha Prasad said it was good that the founding fathers of Wikipedia shared their knowledge and lent a helping hand in setting up its local editions across the world.

Telugu Wikipedia came as a boon for Telugu-speaking people and every effort should be made for expanding its reach and enriching its content from time to time.

On his part, Mr. Buddha Prasad suggested to the Andhra Pradesh government to convert its departmental websites into bilingual ones (English and Telugu) to help the common people understand the information posted thereon.

The government was working on it under the aegis of Minister for IT Ponnala Lakshmaiah, he added. Mr. Buddha Prasad said that the Telugu Wikipedia would be a valuable database by having ancient manuscripts and other such material included in it. The government could get its Archives Department (State Archives and Research Institute) to digitise the information at its disposal and link it up with the Telugu Wikipedia. Such measures should be taken for enhancing the public knowledge and providing it as a tool for academic pursuits, he said. KBN College Committee president U. Sambasiva Rao, secretary S.V.S.M. Razith Kumar, vice-president Narayana Rao, principal P. Krishna Murthy and others were present.

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