Participants in a Mothers' Meet held by the Sri Chaitanya International Olympiad School here on Sunday wanted the school managements to come up with novel and more programmes to mould their children into fully developed individuals having the ability and enthusiasm to learn any required skill.

The Olympiad IQ Test conducted on the occasion witnessed good response with 2,516 school children attending it. Accompanied by their parents and elders, the children arrived at the school premises on Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic Road to take the test that is the doorstep to an admission into Olympiad School.

Many mothers enthusiastically participated in the Mothers Meet held on the occasion when they discussed various aspects of ensuring good learning capabilities among children without allowing them to feel stressed at any point of time. The participants discussed mothers' role in moulding the children while taking the help of teachers.

Speaking on the occasion, Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions chairman B.S. Rao said the main motto of their schools was to enhance self-confidence and self-assurance among the children by reducing the burden of stress on them in the process of teaching process. Without making them to study overtime, the children would be allowed to cultivate leadership skills, which would be very much necessary for their future development, he added.

As there was a good response to the IQ Test, the school management thanked the parents and children for their unfailing support. They said with this support, their school would continue to introduce and implement innovative concepts and programmes exclusively designed to give the best schools to the children.

Participants in the Mothers Meet got clarifications to their doubts from psychologist K. Radhika Reddy, who provided some information to them on children's psychology. She explained to them how to create interest among children and sustain their attention on studies with a few simple tips. Encouraging children with positive words would go a long way to make them feel happy while studying, she said.