The authorities concerned close down a section of the road

Construction of a new regulator on Eluru Canal downstream the Eluru Locks near Andhra Pathrika Centre has made a part of C.K. Reddy Road that runs parallel to the canal to cave in. The authorities closed down the section of the road by constructing a three-foot parapet wall to prevent road users from falling into the huge pit.

The road has caved in because the steps taken to fortify the banks are not sufficient.

The wooden poles (casuarinas) put on the bank to prevent them from sliding are not sufficient. The caving of the road is reminiscent of a similar incident which occurred on Canal Road in which a section of the road downstream the Krishna Eastern Main Canal head sluice caved in.

The people of the city are subjected to a great deal of inconvenience because of the diversion of traffic and the inordinate delay in the repair of the road by the R&B Department. Restoring the road using new technology took years and the denizens faced the brunt of the delay. The caving of the Canal Road has reportedly been caused by massive desilting works taken up with World Bank funds. While nothing happened when the work was being done, the road caved in after water was released into the Krishna Eastern Main Canal.

The caving of the C.K. Reddy road also occurred after digging began on the bed of the Eluru Canal for the foundation of a new regulator being built as part of the Krishna district modernisation.


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